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Wood and Concrete in Beverly Park

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Updated 6/8/11 at 1:25 pm: This madhouse behind the swanky Beverly Park gates, belongs to director David Alden, who's known for his dark and political opera stagings, according to, and it was designed by California-based architect Rob Wellington Quigley. (Update: Opera blog Parterre Box talked to Alden's manager, who says that "he resides in London and has no home in Beverly Hills," which solves the mystery of how a theater director can afford such a pricey house--he can't.) The seven bedroom, twelve bathroom property was built in 1999 and sits on 2.83 acres with a pool, spa, and basketball court. The main house has a screening room, a 1,000 square foot gym, a sauna, and a massage room; there's also a two story guesthouse with two master suites and a private garage, and a detached poolhouse with a guest apartment. Asking price is a clean $25 million.
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