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Zane Grey Estate On Catalina Island Chopped by $5 Million

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Well, it's a pretty exciting time of year 'round Santa Catalina Island. This weekend kicked off the island's annual Flying Fish Festival, celebrating the return of its famed gliders. Said to be the largest flying fish in the world, they can be spotted off the shores of Catalina between May and September. If you take the trip out there to see the winged wonders do their thing, we'd also recommend checking out the historic Zane Grey Pueblo. Built in 1925 by the famed Western novelist, the Hopi-style hilltop estate was converted to a hotel after his death. It's been on the market for several years now, and per the listing features a three-bedroom, two-bath "top floor penthouse with panoramic views [that] has never been rented out," along with the sixteen-room bed & breakfast plus caretaker's cottage. Originally listed for $16.95 million, the half-acre property's price has been chopped to $11.8 million.
· 199 & 189 Chimes Tower Rd [Loopnet]