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LA's Busiest Mid-Century Collector Picks Up Kappe's Gertler House

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Architect Ray Kappe's 1970 Gertler House was just on the market for the first time ever, but it's already been snapped up by a rather predictable buyer. According to the listing, the four bedroom, three bathroom house tackles "challenging topography while still respecting the environment" and is composed of "redwood boxes suspended a story above ground on ten redwood towers." Blockshopper says the buyer is producer/mid-century collector Michael LaFetra, because who else would it be? (Seriously, who?) We should've known he wouldn't get rid of a Lotery without picking up a Kappe (this isn't his first, of course--he sold one in Brentwood last year). The Gertler was asking $3.995 million. According to Redfin, LaFetra paid $3.7885, but that price may have included other property.
· Ray Kappe 1970, AIA - The Gertler House [Deasy/Penner]
· 14623 Hilltree Rd [Blockshopper]