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Sunset Strip Getting New, More Effective Billboards

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Last week, the West Hollywood Planning Commission approved two new billboards and one bigger billboard for the Sunset Strip, reports WeHo Patch, so prepare to feel just slightly more visually assaulted as you make your way between Hollywood and Beverly Hills. The Grafton Hotel and the Key Club can now put up billboards on their roofs, while the building that houses Yatai tapas bar (across the street from the old Tiffany Theater) can embiggen its current billboard from 54 feet high to 68 feet. Right now, that building has a wide v-shaped billboard (as in two billboards facing opposite directions, with the sides closest to the street touching), but that v will be narrowed. Patch says that one planning commissioner believes the current wide stance makes these "the least effective of all the billboards on the Strip." In exchange for the billboards, the property owners will pay West Hollywood $10,500 every four weeks for 20 years. Besides the three approvals, commissioners denied a 10 foot height increase for a v-shaped billboard on an office building across the street from the Standard. The City Council still has to sign off on the new and altered billboards. [Pictured: the ineffective billboards]
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