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Studio City Trader Joe's Expanding, No More Meters in the South Bay

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Studio City TJ's via Yelp

STUDIO CITY: The expansion of Trader Joe's knows no bounds (except for Downtown LA). Here comes word that they're getting too big for their Joe-Joe's in Studio City: "Just left the Studio City unit this morning to find out that the TJ there is expanding into the former Blockbuster space next door to the west, and the foundation has already been dug up, getting ready to pour a new version that will probably be heavier for the pallets and or freezer/refrigeration equipment - not sure, but it can't happen fast enough at this site. Now as to the parking problems, well....." [Curbed Inbox]

SOUTH BAY: City Councilmember Janice Hahn introduced a motion today to start looking into pulling out the parking meters in downtown San Pedro and Wilmington commercial areas, in response to complaints from business owners. A two hour limit on parking spaces would still be enforced. According to a press release, "Hahn had previously approved a reduction in hours for the on-street parking meters, a fifty percent discount in the parking lots, an exemption from Sunday parking hours, monthly parking permits in off-street lots for employees and provided complimentary parking during the holiday season to help promote more shopping in the historic areas." [Curbed Inbox]