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Architect for Convention Center Also Did That Other Stadium

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Another piece of the Farmers Field NFL stadium puzzle falls into place today as AEG announces the selection of an architect for the LA Convention Center's reconstructed West Hall: Populous. The international firm pretty much only designs sports stadiums and convention centers, and has next-door neighbor Staples Center under its belt, as well as San Francisco's AT&T Park. The story gets interesting here: principal Dan Meis was also the architect on Majestic Realty's competing stadium proposal in the City of Industry, reports the LA Times. Apparently no conflict of interest, as only one proposal will get built -- and if City of Industry's flies, then AEG's doesn't, including the convention center proposal. Via the AP, Majestic Realty's chief says, "We gave them complete permission. They have done all the architecture work on our project and will do the architecture work on our stadium after we purchase a team and begin construction." (Oh, snap!) Earlier this week AEG said they would reduce the amount of bond money they saw as necessary for the reconstruction of West Hall, or as they call it under its new name, Pico Hall. Whatever it's called, plans call for it to break ground by next June, with the goal of not causing any disruptions to already planned events. -Andy J. Wang
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