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Silver Lake Chu + Gooding Townhouse Invites You to Sit Out Front

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Another small-lotter this week, as we check out Unit 2 in 4005 Monroe, a 12-unit gated development. According to the property's website, it's only the second unit to come (back) to market since the building finished in 2007. Designed by Chu + Gooding Architects, the 1,480 square footer's got a balcony with "sunset views," and 2 beds, 2.5 baths -- all on the first floor, along with the kitchen and dining room. The lofted mezzanine, the listing helpfully suggests, "can be used as extra office or living space." The unit has two parking spaces, but the photos don't seem too interested in showing us their whereabouts. HOAs are $279, and the unit's asking $559,000. Also, each of 4005 Monroe's units has a bench in front -- shoe-tying stations, presumably. -Andy J. Wang
· 4005 Monroe St #2 [Website]