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Van Nuys Offers You Culture Before You Jet Off, Making Money Off the Dodger Implosion

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VAN NUYS: Even for us cynical Angelenos, few could deny this as cool: two professional dance/art performances will take place, free-of-charge, at the Van Nuys Fly-a-Away bus terminal on Saturday night. Instead of running down your cell phone playing Angry Birds, you can watch themes of "arriving and departing," as told through projections, music, and dance choreographed by Sarah Elgart and presented by the city's Department of Cultural Affairs. [Curbed InBox]

ECHO PARK: Whenever there's a tragedy (even a minor one like this), there's money to be made. The website has launched, offering t-shirts and hoodies that poke fun at our team's bankruptcy. Maybe cool in 20 years? [Curbed InBox]