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Retractable-Roof Indoor Pool House Chopped, Tells Good Stories

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Never stop being you, crazy retractable-roof indoor pebble tech lagoon-style saltwater pool house with the silver toilet and the copper wetbar right next to the front door. One day your swinger prince will come. We first met this house above the Sunset Strip in October 2010 when it was listed for $3.249 million and looking for "celebrities, ballers, athletes, sexy couples, singles." It's been chopped twice since then and is now asking $2.699 million (apparently from people of all sexiness levels and even non-ballers). Plus it doesn't seem to come with that groovy furniture anymore. The house was built in 1951 and it sure gives good gossip: we hear both that it was built by Howard Hughes for one of his girlfriends and that the Rolling Stones have hung out (possibly rented?) there.
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