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Biking, Design, and Dim Sum; Long Beach Architecture 1911-1952

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The Craftsman and the Neutra on the Long Beach tour, via LB Heritage

HIGHLAND PARK-CHINATOWN: The design boosters of Design East of La Brea are teaming up with the Flying Pigeon bike shop for their third annual Design-n-Dim Sum ride this Sunday. They'll stop at the studios of RAC Design Build, Tracy A. Stone, Johnson Fain, and Zoe Crosher, and then carbo load at Golden Dragon. RSVP here. [deLaB]

LONG BEACH: Long Beach Heritage is letting archnerds and the otherwise curious into five architecturally significant houses in the city on Sunday. They include a 1911 craftsman designed by Meyer & Holler, a 1920s house by Horace Austin, a Bixby Knolls house owned by the same family for 80 years, a mid-century modern by Paul Tay, and a 1952 Richard Neutra. More info here. [LB Heritage]