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Thomas Pynchon's Manhattan Beach Duplex Asking $1.05MM

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We apologize to very private author Thomas Pynchon for even caring about these kinds of personal details, but can't really help ourselves: a Manhattan Beach apartment where Pynchon is more or less confirmed to have lived in the late sixties and early seventies is on the market for the first time in twenty years. (Manhattan Beach appears in Pynchon's oeuvre as "Gordita Beach.") Former landlords and neighbors like to say that Pynchon wrote at least some of his most famous novel Gravity's Rainbow in this apartment, and it's very possibly also where this photo of his hand and pig piñata Claude was taken. The downstairs one bedroom, one bathroom unit is half a duplex--there's a two bedroom, one bathroom unit upstairs--and the whole building is asking $1.05 million (more than twice the $479,000 it sold for in 1991, according to Redfin). The listing suggests that demolition is an option.
· 217 33RD St [Redfin]