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AEG Encourages Us All to Hop the Train to Stadium-ville

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AEG's offensive -- both PR and otherwise -- continues apace with an announcement that the proposed Farmers Field football stadium downtown will join hands with Metrolink for transit-friendly games. In blogdowntown's view, this is all well and good, but "also clearly aimed at diffusing traffic arguments against Farmers Field." (The best defense, as they say...) Streetsblog has more details on the arrangement, which looks to include "free tickets to Metrolink customers, free DASH service from Union Station, and bundling transit costs in with ticket costs for people buying online." It's all part of a "comprehensive," five-county transportation plan that's meant to smooth train and bus travel for visitors to the stadium. Case in point: AEG has its eye on the Blue Line's Pico Station, which is going to be woefully undersuited to handling traffic for large-scale events. Said AEG chief Tim Leiweke: "We know the light rail station at Pico will need to be upgraded, and we plan on doing that." -Andy J. Wang
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