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LA's Favorite Outdoor Spots: Hike, Beach, Hangout Park, Dog Park

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Clockwise from top left, images via Yelp, Yelp, Yelp, public domain

LOS ANGELES: As part of Curbed's just-completed, first-ever Outdoors Week (it was drawn out a bit due to FBI raid), Curbed readers nominated the very best in LA's outdoor spaces and we put it to a vote to determine the county's Best Hike, Best Beach, Best Hangout Park, and Best Dog Park. The winners are in, and here they are, LA's Greatest Outdoors (at least until next Outdoors Week):

Best Hike: Temescal Canyon
Pacific Palisades

Best Beach: The Strand
Manhattan Beach

Best Hangout Park: Griffith Park
Los Feliz

Best Dog Park: Laurel Canyon Dog Park
Studio City
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