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'50s-Era 2-bed in Hollywood Hills West Is a Bit Cheaper These Days

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We're not sure which celebrity is meant to have owned 8716 Sunset Plaza Terrace, but if its ownership history has been kept conveniently vague for the listing, the art on the walls keys you right into the house's "hip" pedigree. Built in 1956, the 2-bed, 2-bath seems to have aged rather gracefully in the last half-century or so. It's got a stone bath in the master suite and a koi pond in the back. The house last sold in 2007 for a touch over $1.5 mil -- today it's asking $1,349,000. At 1,686 square feet, $800 per. Sidenote: nice basket bed. -Andy J. Wang
· 8716Sunset Plaza Terrace [Redfin]