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Post-Crash, Improvements Coming to Culver City Park

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It was on June 16 that a driver plowed into a group of bicyclists in Culver City, at the intersection of Jefferson and Hetzler Road near the Baldwin Hills Park Scenic Overlook (pictured). Eight days later, the Baldwin Hills Conservancy awarded Culver City $570,000 to add improvements to the area that "include the installation of a raised median near the intersection to differentiate the area surrounding the Scenic Overlook and the rest of the park from the industrial area around it, bike lanes from Duquense Avenue to the west to the City border to the east, [and] a sidewalk on both sides of Jefferson and installation of a pedestrian signal at Hetzler," reports Streetsblog. The changes were apparently in the works long before the crash--many have long stated something terrible could happen if the area wasn't improved for the pedestrians and cyclists who visit the park. [Streetsblog]