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Where Can I Find The Apartment in Peter Sellers Movie The Party?

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This non sequitur edition of Ask Curbed comes from a fan of the 1968 Blake Edwards-directed comedy The Party. Other than the fact that lead actor Peter Sellers wears brown-face (he portrays an Indian actor), the movie is a well-regarded comedy of manners that centers around a disastrous Hollywood fete. Our '60s film fan writes, "I'm hunting for a new apartment in LA, and I thought to myself: why not live in the building where one of the best LA movies of all time was shot? (1968's The Party with Peter Sellers, directed by Blake Edwards) I attach for you (and hopefully your readers) some tantalizing clues. For example: a "1427" number on the side of the building. For real movie aficionados, this is the end of the film where Peter Sellers cluelessly (and hilariously) tries to get a second date with the female protagonist. Thanks for your help in advance!" Can anyone locate this modest abode?
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