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Vote For LA's Best Dog Park: Boneyard, Lake Hollywood, Laurel Canyon, Silver Lake

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Los Angeles is full of natural wonder, and contrary to popular belief, Angelenos don't spend all their time in cars or on air conditioned reality television sets. So as part of Curbed Outdoors Week 2011 (which has overflowed into a new week, due to technical difficulties), we're looking to decide once and for all on Los Angeles's greatest outdoors--the best in hikes, beaches, hangout parks, and dog parks. Today we settle our final piece of business: the matter of the county's Best Dog Park. Check out the choices below and cast your vote (polls will be open for 24 hours). Winners will be declared on Wednesday!

The Boneyard, Culver City
Inside the pretty hillside Culver City Park, the Boneyard has areas for both big and small dogs. The ground is, controversially, gravel--some dog owners think it's too dusty, some like its flea-deterring properties. [Image via Yelp]

Lake Hollywood Park, Hollywoodland
This is one of the best spots to view the Hollywood Sign from, it's nice and grassy, and it's full of off-leash dogs, but it's not actually supposed to be a dog park (leashes are required). Lucky for lawless, view-loving dog owners, the nearby homeowners have bigger fish to fry. [Image via Yelp]

Laurel Canyon Dog Park, Studio City
High up in the Hills, off Mulholland, the Laurel Canyon Dog Park has lots of space for dogs to run around (and a little space for little dogs). It's also tied with Silver Lake for best people watching--you'll find both wannabes trying to sell pilots and the desperate trying to find a date. [Image via Yelp]

Silver Lake Dog Park, Silver Lake
It's Reservoir and Meadow-adjacent, has large sections for both big and small dogs, and, like we said, is one of the main hubs in the always-entertaining Silver Lake social scene. [Image via Yelp]

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