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At Just Under $2.3M Downtown, 'Factory-Barn' Is Apparently a Thing

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Rebuilt in 2004, presumably as a residential space, 2149 Bay St was completely redesigned" again in 2008. That year, it was listed at $2.3 million and ended up selling for $1.87 mil, a whopping 19 percent off asking. The "Downtown Citadel," just west of the river and north of the 10, makes its return to market at a humbler intro price today. At $2,288,000 and 4,826 square feet, that's $474 per. The cavernous interior space, with a 23-foot ceiling and 3 baths, kind of belies its quaint industro-cottage facade -- which, come to think of it, puts us a bit in mind of "this factory-barn idea" of Diane Keaton's. Diane! We've got a house for you. -Andy J. Wang
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