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West LA's Bundy Village Project Wounded, Maybe Mortally

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Westside City Councilman Bill Rosendahl released a statement this morning saying the contentious Bundy Village mixed-use project, planned for Bundy and Olympic, is heaving for air. Back in November, developer Michael Lombardi filed for bankruptcy and now "the former Bundy Village proposal, which large numbers of my constituents and I oppose, is dead and no longer a threat of being approved in its current form. The developer decided to go back to the drawing board, and at some future time, bring forward a new proposal. He assures my office that he will vet with the community, and restart the planning approval process at the Planning Commission level."

Area residents recently received mailers indicating the medical, retail, and office complex--criticized for its girth--would likely be approved by the City Council if they didn't swarm City Hall with torch/pitchfork. (There have been many mailers flying in this fight, as the community members who oppose the project are backed by rival Westside developer Kilroy Realty.) Rosendahl says he met with Lombardi, who agreed to take the project off the calendar of the city's planning and land use management committee. Sounds like a scaled-back project, which was already on the table, could happen, though it doesn't seem very probable.
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