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Minarc's Well-Connected Appleton Residence in Venice

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This past weekend, Dwell held its first of two home tours in conjunction with the upcoming Dwell on Design conference. This week, we'll be peeking inside three of the five Westside-ish houses (two did not allow photography and we've already shown you the Baldwin Hills Sunlight House). Here's the last house for now: Minarc's Appleton Residence in Venice.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels It's all about the layout in Minarc's Appleton Residence--all of the rooms touch the outdoor living area and its overall orientation is designed to make the most of sunlight and natural ventilation (it has a solar chimney that funnels out hot air and heats up cool air, along with interior and exterior courtyards). And, according to the architect's statement, its "Floor and ceiling materials [connect] in an unobtrusive and whimsical manner to increase floor plan flow and space."
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