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Elysian Park's LA Police Academy Garden: Arrestingly Lovely

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Photos via Big Orange Landmarks To many people, the words "police academy" are more likely to trigger associations with the 80s comedies starring Steve Guttenberg, or perhaps the intro to Charlie's Angels than with a beautiful public garden, replete with waterfalls, meandering flagstone paths, and carved stone benches. But that's exactly what you'll find at LA's Police Academy, located in the Chavez Ravine area of Elysian Park next to Dodger Stadium. As the trusty Big Orange Landmarks blog explains, the site was originally leased by the Los Angeles Pistol Club, but was taken over by the LAPD in 1936. In 1937, landscape artist Francois Scotti was hired to design the garden. Declared Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #110 in 1973, the site can be rented for weddings or other events, but you can enjoy its bucolic splendor most any day for free, with the only thing to disturb the peace being the occasional sound of target practice. You can also pick up lunch at the adjacent Police Academy Diner, which features an excellent club sandwich as well as an impressive display of vintage billy clubs (but be warned, they close at 2 pm).
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