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Meet the New Port-Adjacent Wilmington Waterfront Park

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels, except last shot via the Port of LA The Wilmington Waterfront Park opened earlier this month after decades of wrangling between the Port of Los Angeles and the neighbors. Starting in the eighties, the Port had plans to build a 20 foot high barrier between Wilmington's houses and the waterfront, but by 2001, neighbors were pushing for a buffer park instead, according to the LA Times. Construction finally began in 2009. The 30 acre park covers nine blocks of formerly vacant land and has a huge lawn, a splash fountain, a promenade, a playground, barbecues, and a 16 foot high sound-blocking hill on its southern border. Both ends sport bathroom facilities. Curbed photographer Elizabeth Daniels says kids were having a blast at the park this week (even as some took spills in the fountain), and even the teenagers she found sitting under one of the new bridges said they really like the park. She also says it was well-patrolled by cops on Segways, who reported there'd been some vandalism, but not really any serious crime. Wilmington Waterfront Park is open every day from 5 am to 10:30 pm.
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Wilmington Waterfront Park

Figueroa St. & W. C St., Los Angeles, CA