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81 Years Later, 93 Acre Ascot Hills Park Opening in El Sereno

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Image via The City Project

It's been a long time coming, but a huge nature preserve in El Sereno opens fully to the public on Saturday, according to a press release from City Councilman Jose Huizar's office. Efforts to turn the grassy hills of Ascot Hills into a public playground began in 1930, but were for naught for decades. Development was later proposed and fought off. Five years ago, the city managed to build a parking lot and carve out 40 acres for hiking, according to the release. Sadly, the park sat idle until now (and faced a lawsuit if it didn't open promptly). Finally goodness has prevailed and a full 93 acres of hiking and strolling opens up tomorrow after a 10 am ribbon-cutting with the Mayor and Huizar (free trees available to all Angelenos!). For an idea of what this park is like, the Los Angeles Times described it as thus last year: "the land is green and covered with wildflowers. Sparrows and gnatcatchers mingle with hawks. People living nearby often sneak through a hole in one of the tall fences to walk their dogs at sundown."
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Ascot Hills Park

4371 Multnomah St., Los Angeles, CA