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Persian Princess's Curved-Beam House in the Malibu Cove Colony

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This Malibu Cove Colony house has a pretty good backstory. The current owner writes in an email:

[T]he house was originally built by a Persian princess and her country paid for it. They used this engineering company called Vincent Kevin Kelly and Associates who built he house using compressed curved beams that run from the front to back making it pretty unique - I haven't seen any other homes like it. We are the third owners of the property. When we purchased it, it was a weird style, sort of bland and filled with stained glass and those Taj Mahal style windows...and floors from a bowling alley.The three bedroom, three bathroom house has a "huge leeward garden/deck," a two car garage, and a sauna, plus: the beach! Asking price is $5.7 million.
· 26966 MALIBU COVE COLONY Dr [Redfin]