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Vote For LA's Best Hangout Park: Griffith, Chace, Expo Rose Garden, Palisades

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Los Angeles is full of natural wonder, and contrary to popular belief, Angelenos don't spend all their time in cars or on air conditioned reality television sets. So as part of Curbed Outdoors Week 2011, we're looking to decide once and for all on Los Angeles's greatest outdoors--the best in hikes, beaches, dog parks, and hanging out parks. Today we settle the matter of the county's Best Hangout Park. Check out the choices below and cast your vote (polls will be open for 24 hours), then nominate your dog park for lasting glory by emailing

Griffith Park, Los Feliz
Good old Griffith has a very unfair advantage, being that at 4,210 acres it's one of the largest urban parks in the country, and that it's packed with trails, fields, caves, a golf course, an observatory, a zoo, a theatre, a museum, trains large and small, and of course the tunnel to Toontown. It's also said to have several ghosts, and how great is a haunted park? But all that is exactly why we couldn't not include it in our poll.

Burton W. Chace Park, Marina del Rey
Boatwatching! Besides being right on the water, Chace Park is like something out of Pixar. It's equipped with a big gazebo, picnic tables, benches, and grills, and is full of families doing things like tossing the old pigskin around. [Image via Yelp]

Exposition Park Rose Garden, Exposition Park
It's pretty, it's serene, it smells good, it's close to Downtown, and afterwards you can go play at the California Science Center. [Image via Friends4Expo]

Palisades Park, Santa Monica
Straight out of every Southern California montage ever, PP provides those excellent blufftop views, palm trees, and good-looking people jogging. But it also has old folks playing chess, a rose garden, and a camera obscura. [Image via You-Are-Here]

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