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A Pocket Park For Hollywood Blvd., Magic Johnson Now a Rave

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Image via Good

HOLLYWOOD: Last week, Alissa Walker at Good wrote about a little empty lot on Hollywood Boulevard (near Wilcox) that members of the next-door church have started to turn into an urban garden, with a few flowerbeds and a few wildflowers. (As it happens, the spot was once part of Paul DeLongpre's famous turn of the century gardens.) The church would like to turn the developer-owned lot into a real public park and Hollywood Unbound thinks that's a great idea: "I could easily see how a well designed public space here (i.e. one that is active, welcoming, clean, and safe) could transform this stretch of Hollywood Boulevard." The blog proposes getting the city, Council District 13, or the Community Redevelopment Agency on board. [Good/Hollywood Unbound]

CRENSHAW: Next week the old Magic Johnson Theaters in Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza begins its new life as Rave Cinemas 15. The theater will have all the stadium seating bells and 3D whistles, but will tragically be christened Tuesday night with Transformers 3. There'll be a grand opening on Wednesday. [Curbed Inbox]