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DuArchitects' Hybrid Rose House in Venice

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This past weekend, Dwell held its first of two home tours in conjunction with the upcoming Dwell on Design conference. This week, we'll be peeking inside three of the five Westside-ish houses (two did not allow photography and we've already shown you the Baldwin Hills Sunlight House). Today: duArchitects' Rose House in Venice.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels The owners of the Rose House wanted a modern design "as open as the framework allowed," with green features and a cozy feel. DuArchitects gave the house a steel and wood structure, with a polished concrete slab as the first floor and a wood frame with hardwood floors for the second floor. They also "chose a combination of natural and industrial materials for the interior spaces," which helped to save money but keep the place from feeling like a warehouse. On Rose's roof, a photovoltaic system generates "most of the electricity" for the house.
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