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Boston Mob Boss Whitey Bulger Living Oldster Life in Santa Monica

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FBI most wanted top tenner and notorious Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger was arrested in Santa Monica last night as you've probably heard (the LA Times broke the story and has been owning it). Bulger's famously the inspiration for the Martin Scorsese movie The Departed (in particular Jack Nicholson's character), and he fled Boston in 1994 just as he was about to be arrested in connection with "at least 19 killings, racketeering and other crimes that spanned the early 1970s to the mid-1980s." So it's pretty odd that the 81 year old was living the quiet old folks life in Apartment 33 in the Princess Eugenia apartments a few blocks from the Third Street Promenade, along with his dental hygienist companion--although authorities did know that Bulger liked to walk on the beach. (There don't seem to be any apartments up for rent in the Princess E., but we're sure there will be one just as soon as Bulger's trial wraps up.) The pair went by Charles and Carol Gasko on their apartment directory and, perhaps Bulger's final crime, were reported to have a dog in a complex that does not allow pets. (Hey, they got Al Capone on tax evasion.)
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