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New Downtown Bike Plan: Lanes from Civic Center to South Park

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Wait, are we in Copenhagen? The Los Angeles Department of Transportation hopes to go on a bike lane-creating frenzy in Downtown--forging bike lanes on Figueroa, Flower, Spring, and Main, blogdowntown reports. If initial traffic studies show that the bike lanes don't create unacceptable traffic impacts, the lanes can go ahead without an environmental impact report (a lengthy, drawn-out process). Figueroa, already looking to be remade into a more inviting bike/pedestrian promenade, could get a northbound bike lane between Seventh and Cesar Chavez, while a southbound lane could go on Flower, south of Third (Fig could also get two directional bike lanes, even though the street has one-way vehicular traffic for part of it). Since Fig is usually clogged, no traffic lanes would be removed--existing lanes would be trimmed and some street parking could be yanked.

Spring and Main will likely lose a lane of traffic if the plan comes to fruition, but the streets are apparently quite light on vehicular traffic so it shouldn't cause carmageddon (also rush hour bans on parking will likely be nixed to make up for the space lost by the bike lanes). To avoid buses pulling in front of cyclists, the lanes will probably go on the left side of the one-way streets.

For those traveling the other way through Downtown, a plan to stripe bike lanes on Seventh Street from Boyle Heights to Koreatown is moving along, with the new lanes to be completed by October.
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