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Mia Lehrer on What LA's Parks Will Look Like in 2031 and More

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Lehrer courtesy Mia Lehrer; right via Mia Lehrer + Associates

Landscape architect Mia Lehrer's work with her firm Mia Lehrer + Associates includes a lot of LA's favorite outdoor sites, including the Annenberg Community Beach House, the Silver Lake Reservoir path, Vista Hermosa Park on the edge of Downtown, and the LA River (they collaborated on the Revitalization Master Plan). Since Lehrer is such an expert, we asked her for her thoughts on the greening of Los Angeles--now, tomorrow, and in 20 years. Today she talks about the LA of the future, the best outdoor spaces in town, and how all Angelenos can get a better yard. Tune in tomorrow for her LA dream projects and the worst landscape architecture crime in Los Angeles.

What do you think Los Angeles yards and parks will look like in 20 years?
Rich in biodiversity and people – after years spent in private backyards, Angelinos are finally coming together in public spaces – taking ownership and enjoying social interaction. The “death of the automobile” is slowly leading us toward a more people friendly, walkable/bikeable city – everyone is coming together to realize that it’s time to get out of the car and walk the “trails” of the city.

If you had landscape designer friends coming in from out of town, where are a few places you'd take them?
The LA river – definitely the most striking, historical but also inspiring place in LA
?Baldwin Hills – from oil field to a trail system
OC Great Park – the largest park of the 21st century
Vista Hermosa – inviting biodiversity in the heart of downtown while serving the community
The Natural History Museum – an incredible “urban ecosystem” lab – when construction is complete!

What's one (or a few) thing(s) you think every person with outdoor space in LA (yards, balconies, rooftops) should do?
Jackhammer your asphalt, invite biodiversity in, grow your own food ? we have a terrific climate – take advantage! Also have fun – landscape is about creating emotion using an ever changing material - espalier, beam tower, mint driveway? create surprises, generate “moments”.
· Mia Lehrer + Associates [Official Site]