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The Real Father of the Bride House is Not For Sale

Screenshots (on left) via Hooked on Houses Earlier this month a house in Alhambra went on the market with listing copy declaring "The 'Father of the Bride' house is for sale!" The five bedroom house is asking $1.35 million and even includes a backyard arbor "built for the movie." The story somehow made it on to TMZ, and all over from there, including across the pond to the Daily Mail. But, as is pretty well-known in filming location enthusiast circles, the Father of the Bride house is actually in Pasadena, on South El Molino Ave. It was in fact a pretty big deal when that house went on the market back in 1999, marketing itself as the Father of the Bride House, according to Iamnotastalker. (In the photos above, you can see some of the little differences between the movie house and the Alhambra one--the most obvious is the portico.) But the house in Alhambra has only fudged a little--it is a FotB house, just not the FotB house. Hooked on Houses says that its backyard and driveway were used in the movie, most notably in the Steve Martin-Kimberly Williams basketball scene (look how that little tree on the center-right has grown!). It was also used in another remake--the Ashton Kutcher vehicle Guess Who?--but we guess that doesn't make for quite as good headlines.
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