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New Wave/Perry Mason Orchid Palace in the Hollywood Hills

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Set on two acres of rather wild terrain adjacent to the Wattles Mansion at the base of the Hollywood hills, the Raymond Burr Estate has hit the market in all its "sold as-is" glory. While Burr, best known for TV's Perry Mason and for perhaps fudging his life story to hide his homosexuality, lived here for many years, since 1983 the property has belonged to record exec Miles Copeland III, one of the guys who made New Wave happen. Set behind gates and guarded by sphinxes, the 1923 estate provides six bedrooms and six bathrooms in 8,697 square feet of both the "what the?" and the wonderful varieties. The main house displays an unsettling amount of carpet on carpet action and suggests that the last interior decorator may have been a knight or Cher. Described as both "magical" and "enchanting," the house also includes oodles of stained glass, tiles, and fancy wood moldings of the medieval kind, as well as a sunroom straight out of an Anthropologie catalog. Burr indulged his passion for cultivating orchids in two greenhouses on the property. Listed at $4.95 million, the house's website hints that a buyer might want to knock this place down and build from scratch.
·1830 North Sierra Bonita Ave [Redfin]
·1830 Sierra Bonita Avenue [Sotheby's]