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Design*21's Tatami Mat-Based Tatami Residence in Marina del Rey

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This past weekend, Dwell held its first of two home tours in conjunction with the upcoming Dwell on Design conference. This week, we'll be peeking inside three of the five Westside-ish houses (two did not allow photography and we've already shown you the Baldwin Hills Sunlight House). First up: design*21's Tatami Residence in Marina del Rey.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels The Tatami Residence, by LA-based design*21, is 1,800 square feet on one story, laid out around an interior courtyard that can be extended into the house via floor to ceiling glass doors. It was designed for a young Japanese couple and "is based on multiples of the Japanese tatami mat. This system of measurement—used for centuries in traditional Japanese homes—guarantees that the layout has a human scale." Unlike a tatami mat, the house is made not out of straw, but of prefab concrete panels. Its almost-blank facade is intended to provide privacy.
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