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Lugosi House's Pricey Reno, Better Shelter Sells in Signal Hill, Can Field Ops Repeat the High Line?

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BEACHWOOD CANYON: The Hollywoodland house where Bela Lugosi lived in the mid-thirties has gone "sale pending" and a tipster tells us it's been bought by San Diego billionaire David Copley, who's "planning on spending 5 million on renovations." We hope that big number is just going toward extremely historically accurate paint. [Curbed Inbox]

SIGNAL HILL: How did flipper kings Better Shelter make out in their first trip out of NELA? Pretty well. Their Signal Hill two bedroom went for exactly asking just a little over a month after hitting the market--that number was $435,000. [Redfin]

SANTA MONICA: Yesterday's DnA show on KCRW pondered whether James Corner and his landscape architecture firm Field Operations can give Santa Monica as great a park (with the Palisades Garden Walk) as they gave New York (with the High Line), "especially on a site in a quiet part of Santa Monica without any interesting topography or industrial relics to play with? Even worse—could this design-by-committtee process result in a watered-down concept?" [DnA]