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Welcome to Summer and Curbed's First Outdoors Week

Hey, it's a gloomy morning burning off to 72 degrees and sunny, and that means it's officially (one day away from) summer and time for Curbed's first annual Outdoors Week! All week we'll be coming at you with posts on all of LA's great outdoors, from views to public art to backyard pools, and from the beaches to the mountains to Downtown.

Of course, we'll need your help. Nominate your picks for LA's best hikes, beaches, chilling out parks, and dog parks and we'll pit them against each other to decide on the best in LA's outdoor scene. Send your suggestions to or leave them in the comments.

And finally: please share your outdoorsy LA stories with us. Can you see your neighbor's ridiculous backyard from your patio? Is 1100 Wilshire getting rowdy by the pool again? Did you see something bizarre in Runyon this weekend? Let us know! Send stories and tales to And away we go!