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Los Feliz Gregory Ain-Pierre Koenig Property Gives Good Patio

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Some readers may recall this mid-century modern from its first appearance on the site back in March 2009, when it was being offered as a rental on Craigslist for $8,500/month. Located on the outskirts of Los Feliz's Oaks neighborhood, the property features a "redone" four-bedroom, three-bath main house originally designed by Gregory Ain, plus a guesthouse designed by Pierre Koenig. Perhaps it's the staging, or lack therof, but we're not feeling particularly moved by either architect's structure. The exterior spaces, on the other hand, look quite inviting. Per the listing, the 2,493-square-foot home has clerestory windows, a sliding glass wall, hardwood floors, a fireplace in the living room, and a two-car garage. It's listed at the extremely specific asking price of $1,999,951.
· 5786 VALLEY OAK Dr [Redfin]