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Plans For a Disincorporated Vernon: Have the County Supes Run It

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How do you disincorporate a city like Vernon? According to a policy director for state Assembly Speaker John Pérez, the man behind the push to dissolve the city, "Our goal here is to re-create the city of Vernon without having the same cast of characters running it." The LA Times reports that on Friday Pérez released all kinds of new details of the disincorporation, which has already made its way through the Assembly. These new details are being presented in a companion bill that's already hit the floor. Under the plan, Vernon "would come under the control of a new Community Services District, whose board would be composed of the five L.A. County supervisors. The district would take over operations of Vernon's Fire Department and electric utility along with the water, environmental and health services the city offers." The police would be dissolved and replaced by LA County Sheriffs and two groups of local stakeholders would advise the supes. The city council would be out of work immediately, but city employees would keep their jobs (department heads would be reviewed individually). Current electricity rates (which are famously low) would be grandfathered in for five years, and land use, zoning, and business licensing laws would stay the same.

Vernon of course is unhappy with the plan, saying it's changing on its own. And while Pérez is trying to win unions over with these new details, the Teamsters say they aren't on board either.
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