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BH Councilwoman on Roxbury Park Plans: Hold Up, Wait a Minute

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The 11-acre Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills was all set to get a new $14 million community center, but Beverly Hills Councilwoman Lili Bosse wants the council to reconsider, Beverly Hills Patch reports. The new community center is Phase One of the Roxbury Park Master Plan, approved three years ago before Bosse was on the council. The new two-story building would include a gymnasium, more meeting rooms, a study room and game room for teens, and a senior room with an outdoor patio. Bosse disputes cost estimates that show constructing a new center is comparable in price to updating the current community center, which is planned to get the heave-ho. "Bosse... discovered that this $13 million estimate [for the renovation] included adding an 11,000-square foot multipurpose room... should the $4.67 million cost of this new room be cut from the renovation estimate, renovating the current facilities would cost about $8.6 million." Of course, parking is also an issue--the parking plan incorporated 129 offsite spots (some of which are metered), which Bosse says is a no-no. The city says street parking can be counted for a city project. Regardless, Bosse wants an environmental impact report done for the project, which would obviously set back the time table. Mayor Barry Brucker, a supporter of Phase One, told Patch "Once we get bids for the project in the fall, it has to be approved by City Council again. If there are components of the plan that seem too expensive or not worthwhile, we can drop them."
· Bosse Calls for Review of Roxbury Park Master Plan [BH Patch]

Roxbury Park

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