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Live Next to Yamashiro With Pagoda Views, Guy Who Worked on ALF

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Image via Hollywood Hills Hotel & Apartments

Yamashiro Restaurant is famous for having some of the best basin views in Los Angeles, and it's actually way more cost-effective to live there than it is to just stop in for sushi. Right now a one bedroom at the Hollywood Hills Hotel & Apartments, which sits right up next to the restaurant, is going for $1,375. All of the units have balconies. An enthusiastic resident writes:

This is my pool. Sickening, right? A lot of people know you can take in the view during dinner at Yamashiro or by booking a room at the Hollywood Hills Hotel (sort of run by the magic castle hotel). But not everyone knows you can rent a one bedroom or studio here for normal prices (1 bedroom around 1500). That includes parking spot, gated security, a Japanese restaurant, a weekly trendy farmers market, canyon/city vistas and, oh yeah, a 600 year old pagoda. I found this baby on craigslist of all places and there are still units to let! Downside is that the pool's not heated (used to be, we'll work on that) and it's a little lived in but management and maintenance are friendly and nearby. Long-time tenants include a couple of magicians, a psychic, a guy who worked on ALF and the usual quota of Brits. Plus, when you give directions you get to say, in all earnestness, "I live above the Magic Castle". And we even have Pheasants! Just strutting around! Pheasants! Does your pool have pheasants?

Magic Castle

7001 Franklin Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028