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Westwood's New Mormon-Facing Building, Molly's in Hollywood Off to Burger Joint in Sky

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WESTWOOD: Behold the new long and lean office building on Santa Monica Blvd. and Overland, across the street from the imposing Mormon Church in Westwood. Nadel Architects designed the mixed-user (one confirmed bottom-floor retail tenant is a Chase Bank--oh joy) that started work almost two years ago. Called Santa Monica Pavilion, the building took down a strip mall and a billboard (not bad) and opens later this summer. [Curbed Staff]

HOLLYWOOD: On the other side of town, it's not a strip mall, but a mildly beloved burger shack that's leaving to make way for an office building. Molly's Burgers on Vine and Selma closes for good on June 30, reports Eater LA. A $2.50 burger/fries/Coke deal happens on the last day of business and benefits a local homeless organization. And don't worry too much about owner Kwok Yi; he got $1.1 million to vacate. [Eater LA]