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NoCal Suburb Brentwood Suffers Indignities For Its Name

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The Contra Costa Times details the wacky world of Brentwood, CA, an "East Bay commuter town perhaps best known for its U-pick cherry orchards and annual CornFest" that's often confused with that other, more glamorous Brentwood, perhaps best known for a sports-star-related double homicide. City officials in the northern Brentwood get requests to put out casting calls, invitations to spa days and gallery openings, and lots of questions about OJ Simpson, and City Clerk Margaret Wimberly says, resignedly, "We have to go through a whole spiel every time." Even Mapquest directs the Brentwood-bound to Los Angeles (Google Maps doesn't). In 2009, In Touch magazine mapped the homes of Reese Witherspoon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Tom Brady apparently at random onto the city of Brentwood. Meanwhile, a rep for the Los Angeles neighborhood's City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl asks the paper: "There's another Brentwood?" In Touch page via Gawker
· Casting calls on cornfields? Two Brentwoods share little but a name [Contra Costa Times]