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100 Year Old Cabin Fever in Silver Lake

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While Silver Lake's log cabin duplex is no longer on the market, there are still other cabin options available in the neighborhood to those seized with the ol' pioneer spirit. For instance, there's this rustic little abode—a cabin-ette, if you will—currently being advertised on Craigslist. Per the ad, the hundred-year-old structure is 450 square feet with a 200-square-foot deck, plus 2,000-square-foot garden, and features "beautiful tree-shaded views, hardwood floors, full kitchen and bathroom with clawfoot tub." Before you start packing your bindlestiff, however, be forewarned that "the ceilings are *very* low in places," and electric and gas are not included in the rent, which is $1,300/month for long-term leases (six months and over) or $350/week for short-term.
· $1300 studio guesthouse / cabin in silverlake hills [Craigslist]