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Signage in Echo Park, Vodka in Downtown, WeHo Gets Oily, and Posh Snubbed in Venice

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ECHO PARK: The almost 100-year-old Ramona Theater is finally filling with life: the restaurant Mohawk Bend from Tony Yanow opens on June 28. There's a percentage-based mix of meat, vegan, and protein fare, as well as pizza, beer, and wine.

DOWNTOWN: The giant Silo Vodka Bar is close to opening on the first two floors of 7th Street's Haas Building. Eater reports that the Russian miracle elixir won't be the only booze offered, but wine, beer, and other liquors will also be on the menu.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: That new pedestrian-friendly Pavilions shopping center at Robertson and Santa Monica Blvd. is slowly filling up... Oliana is sort of odd, but we like it--an olive oil and vinegar tasting bar and gourmet shop, the joint has 40 tubs of savory liquids to sample and mix and match. Weird and wonderful.

VENICE: A mini-scandal is mildly rocking Abbot Kinney: Gordon Ramsey was dining with Victoria Beckham when the lady asked for the dressing on the side of her trout salad (She eats! Well, she's pregnant). She was refused, which enraged Ramsey--shocking--and led to a story in the LA Times.
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