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U2 Guitarist's 5 Malibu Houses Denied, Called "Devastating"

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Updated 12:28 pm: U2 guitarist the Edge has been denied by the California Coastal Commission. Yesterday, the panel rejected the rock star's plans for five blufftop houses in Malibu's Sweetwater Mesa, saying they would be too damaging to the local environment. (Edge didn't show up to the meeting, despite having a show tonight in Anaheim.) Edge has tried to present the plan as five separate houses being built by five separate owners who happen to have a shared vision, architects, planners, consultants, and project managers (and a website!)--that would make them harder for the Commission to reject--but documents identify the owners as Edge's "family, friends and business associates, including [his] younger sister, Gillian," according to the LA Times. The house Edge wants to build is called "Leaves in the Wind" and is planned to be 12,785 square feet.

Edge says the development would be built to be extremely green, but Peter Douglas, the Commission's executive director, told the AP "In my 38 years, I have never seen a project as environmentally devastating as this one." The Commission did say it might support two or three smaller houses on a less-visible part of the land.

A rep for the development says the group will be "vigorously exploring all potential options, including litigation."

Here's the full statement from Fiona Hutton, the development's spokesperson:

"The property owners worked diligently to develop home designs that would meet some of the highest standards for sustainability, blend seamlessly with the natural landscape and preserve the vast majority of their private lands as open space. They undertook this effort with a deep personal commitment and sense of responsibility to protect environmental resources and develop environmentally superior homes. This commitment was recognized and praised by many of the Commissioners during their lengthy and complex deliberations. The property owners remain steadfast in their vision and will be vigorously exploring all potential options."
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