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Looking Inside the Fancied-Up Best Western Hollywood Hills

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First three photos by Tim Street-Porter, last two by Brian Lane Earlier this week we checked out the new face of the Best Western Hollywood Hills, now let's peek into some of the other spaces covered by Koning Eizenberg's $2 million renovation. While the owners have been updating the 86 rooms over the last few years, for this project, KE and interior designer Shawn Hausman made over the lobby, entry hall, elevator, and lobby bathrooms. A rep for KE tells us that beside owner-brothers' Mel and Bernie Adler's huge collection of headshots, the lobby "will soon host a video that outlines the history of the hotel and its neighborhood, owners, and eclectic clientele. Characters include Fess Parker (actor, Davy Crocket), Aldous Huxley (author, Brave New World), Mickey Cohen and Henchmen (LA mobsters), Aaron Copeland (composer), Eddie Carmel (“world’s tallest man” made famous by Diane Arbus), and John Wayne’s masseuse." Outside, the BWHH makeover project also included work on parking circulation and shielding, and the rep adds that the team replaced 450 feet of sidewalk, removed unused utility poles, planted trees, and added bike racks. Landscape work was done by Orange Street Studios.
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Best Western Hollywood Hills Hotel

6141 Franklin Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028