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Streamline Moderne with Pool Above the Sunset Strip

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There's something awfully appealing about a house that looks like a cruise ship, n'est ce pas? The fact that there aren't too many of them around certainly heightens their allure--while you can always find scads of nineties McMansions, mid-century moderns, twenties Mediterranean, Spanish, or Craftsman-style homes on the market in Los Angeles, 1930s Streamline Modernes are few and far in-between. At the moment, we know of just two up for grabs: the William Kesling-designed Adams House in Silver Lake, and this fetching new listing above Sunset Plaza. Built in 1939, the 2,212-square-foot home features three bedrooms, three baths, a screening room, hardwood floors, central heat and air, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, a garden with fruit trees, and a heated pool. Asking price for the 13,500 square-foot property is $1.85 million.
· 8549 HEDGES Way [Redfin]