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Monstrous Salads in Santa Monica, Black Market on Ventura, Less Soul in Hollywood, Changes at Seven Grand

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SANTA MONICA: Not quite Souplantation, not quite Yogurtland with lettuce, California Monster Salads--opening this week in Downtown SM--is a little bit of both. You can mix and match, and there are some prepared salads to choose from too. There's also a salad on the go, basically salad in a bread cone.

STUDIO CITY: The former Wine Bistro on Ventura has morphed into Black Market, an upscale drinking and dining establishment that opened on Monday. A Top Chef alum is doing the food, which sounds delicious, and the drinks appear reasonable and creative ($11 City Fiz: gin, pastis, egg white, cucumber, mint, lime, soda).

HOLLYWOOD: Jamawn Woods won NBC's America's Next Great Restaurant and promptly opened Soul Daddy in America's two great cities. Well, a month later, Woods has shuttered both the New York/South Street Seaport and Hollywood and Highland outposts. Looks like Woods is trying to keep one of his soul restaurants open at the Mall of America, of all places.

DOWNTOWN: Downtown whiskey bar Seven Grand is changing things up, reports Eater--first by replacing the head bartender and GM, and then by introducing two punches, as well as new seasonal refreshments inspired by single malt whiskey from Scotland, Japan, India, Ireland, and the US.
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