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LAPD Giraffe Gets Legwarmers, 405 Shutdown Messes With Lautner

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CIVIC CENTER: Now that the Griffith Park Bear has gone mainstream, the mysterious yarn-bombers of Los Angeles have moved Downtown and on to the blobby, animalish Peter Shelton sculptures that sit on the Spring Street side of the LAPD building. A tipster sends in some photos and writes "Someone must have thought this giraffe (or whatever it is) needed legwarmers..." Not to brag, but we kind of got there first. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: July 16 was declared John Lautner Day in Los Angeles, and as part of the festivities for the architect's hundredth birthday, the MAK Center was supposed to hold Lautner home tours on July 17. Well, the 405 horsemen of the sigalertpocalypse had other plans and the tour's been moved to July 23. We think the hotness of the Sheats/Goldstein House will hold a week though. [Curbed Inbox]