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West Adams 1906 Landmark "Elegant Manor" Back, Still a Fixer

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West Adams's Elegant Manor is back on the market, and the look is still "sorceress who knows her way around a bandsaw." The historic-cultural monument was built in 1906 for music store mogul James T. Fitzgerald, according to a 2004 article in the LA Times, and was designed by Joseph Cather Newsom. Over time it served as a rest home for actors and belonged to a group of vaudeville and circus performers. In 1977, it was picked up for $49,000 by the family of a Louisiana sharecropper's daughter named Arlillian Moody. Moody turned it into "a curious mix of community center, dress shop, catering operation and halfway house"--it hosted weddings, AA meetings, and filming, and provided catering for the cast of Soul Train--but she died in 2001 and the house fell into more or less the state we see here. It sits on three parcels and has six bedrooms and two bathrooms. In 2004, it was asking $1.2 million. In 2008, it was asking $1.9 million (it doesn't seem to have ever sold, although we've heard stories of foreclosure). Today it's asking $1.1999 million.
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