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Introducing Curbed's First-Ever Annual Outdoors Week!

Heads up, dear readers: next week, Curbed LA is stepping outside for the first annual CURBED OUTDOORS WEEK. All week long, we'll be focusing on the glory of the great outdoors right inside the city--think fantastic rooftop spaces, hidden alleyways, urban gardens, and secret outdoor spaces that will blow your mind. Of course, your help here is essential. If you've seen a great roof deck, a view that's utopian or terrible or endangered, a cool secret park nook, a bananas pool, or evidence of outdoorsy shenanigans, snap a photo and send it our way to We'll run our favorites all next week.

Dog owners, surfers and tanners, relaxers, and hikers, your help here is even more vital. Because, as part of Curbed Outdoors Week, we'll be deciding once and for all on LA's BEST DOG PARK, BEST BEACH, BEST HANGING OUT PARK, and BEST HIKE. Love your dog park, beach, park, or hike? Nominate it for glory by writing us a short description of what makes it so great and why you (or your dog) loves it. We'll pit the best against each other next week in a no-holds-barred tournament of outdoorsy greatness. Nominations to, please. This will be fun.